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art. 1
The Classical Orchestra of Alessandria with the support of FondazioneLive Piemonte dal Vivo and the cooperation of RTI-Mediasetand Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Roma, in memory ofA.F. Lavagnino, has set up the 11th edition of the International CompositionContest “LAVAGNINO 2018”.

art. 2
The contest will take place in Gavi (AL) with preliminary selectionsand final evening of the prize-giving; the performance in a publicconcert of the winning compositions will be on Saturday 27h October2018 at 21, within the 18th edition of the International FestivalA. F. Lavagnino “Music and Cinema”.

art. 3
Composers of any age and country can take part in the competition.

art. 4
The juries verdict is final with no appeal; members are:
Franco Piersanti  (Compositor - 3 David di Donatello, Premio NinoRota, Ciak d’oro, Grolla d’oro, Nastro d’argento)
Federico Savina (Teacher of Sound at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografiain Roma)
Luigi Giachino (Composer - Teacher at the “Nicolò Paganini”Conservatory of Genoa)
Massimiliano Pani (Record Producer, arranger and composer)
Paolo Paltrinieri Artistic Director Fonoplay sas, Music Production& Publisher, past Musical Producer Direzione Musica RTI)
Giovanni Gioanola (Composer, Director of “Antonio Vivaldi” Conservatoryof Alessandria)
Luciano Girardengo (Cellist - Artistic Director of the contest)

The jury can also indicate, with a special mention, other candidateplays of particular value.

art. 5
The competitors will have to send their entry (by electronic mail)by the registration form downloaded from the site and copy of entrance fee of € 60,00 (sixty euros) to crediton the bank account 19305 Banca Popolare di Milano, AssociazioneAlexandria Classica (IBAN code:IT75E0558410404000000019305) - BIC / SWIFT:BPMIITMMXXX) of the Alexandria Classica Association, within Thursday 2nd August 2018 to:

art. 6
The competitors will have to send within Thursay 11th October2018, the file audio-video (*.mov, *.wmv, *.mp4), of the backgroundmusic for a cinema sequence of about 4-5 minutes, chosenamong four, which will be sent to composers by mail, from Saturday 4th August 2018, to the address::
For further info:

art. 7
The works must be realized with the following possible instruments:soloist guitar (classic/acoustic), string quintet (two violins, oneviola, one cello, one double bass), piano (electronic keyboards).Composers have to send:
- a file audio-video (art. 6) with the complete work, played withacoustic or virtual instruments, synchronised with the chosen cinemasequence- full clear and legible score undersigned:
a) the magnetic media parts;
b) the possible staccatos for an hypothetical correct live performance

art. 8
The winners will receive the following prizes:

Prize “LAVAGNINO 2018” consisting in:
- Plaque
- diploma
- Education grant of € 1.300,00
- Sending of a music showreel, made by the winner, to thePurchasing, Entertainment and Music Division of RTI/Mediaset,to evaluate possible collaborations.
- Free access at one Film Music CSC Lab (offered by CentroSperimentale di Cinematografia - Scuola Nazionale di Cinemain Roma)
2° prize consisting in:
plaque, diploma and education grant of € 800,00.
3° prize consisting in:
plaque, diploma and education grant of € 600,00.
4th prize and 5th prize consisting in:
plaque and diploma.

Special Prize to the best composition for soloist guitar and stringquintet offered by Comitato Promotore del Concorso Internazionaledi Chitarra classica “Michele Pittaluga” of Alessandria, in occasionof 100th anniversary of the birth, consisting in diploma, educationgrant of € 300,00 and one public performance of the compositionin the Musical Season 2019 of Orchestra Classica di Alessandria.

Prize “Consorzio Tutela del Gavi” for the best soundtrack of the sequence of the short film “Di Gavi in Gavi”, consisting in an education grant of 250 Euro.

The winners will be then pointed out to Festivals and ProductionAgencies.

art. 9
The entry to the contest involves the unreserved acceptance of theseregulations.

art. 10
For any dispute bear witness to the Italian text and the case wouldfall within the jurisdiction of Alessandria courts.

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